How much does a house cost in Zermatt?

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The information is significant for anyone planning to move to Switzerland. Buying a home in Switzerland is complicated. You have to keep in mind different expenses like taxes, exchange rate, school quality, etc. In addition, the location of your property also has a big impact on how much it costs you to live in that area.

There are so many myths surrounding the Swiss real estate market. Some people believe that it is not possible to buy a home in Switzerland for less than CHF 200,000 while others think it is impossible to buy a house for less than CHF 1 million.

If you are planning to move to Switzerland, read this article to learn more about house costs in Zermatt & what to consider before buying a house in Zermatt.

House Cost in Zermatt

House costs are defined by the price of an average house in Zermatt. You can compare the cost of a house between cities by looking at the cost of houses in Zermatt and comparing them with houses in other cities. Zermatt house prices are higher when compared with the rest of Europe. A home in Zermatt costs about two times more than a home in Munich, Germany.

On top of that, Zermatt houses are expensive compared to houses in other Swiss cities like Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, etc. If you plan to move to Switzerland, you should consider the cost of houses in Zermatt and other cities. You should also know about the cost of living in that area if you’re planning to buy property there.

According to a report published by Emporis, the average house price in Zermatt is $2.6 million meaning that it is among the most expensive cities globally. The average house price in Zermatt is almost two times more than the average house price in Zurich, Switzerland. On top of that, the average house price in Zermatt is approximately 2.5 times more than the average house price in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Zermatt is a very small town, and the population of this city is only around 10,000 people. It has been said that most of the houses in Zermatt are worth lots of dollars. The houses in Zermatt have been constructed recently. 

Zermatt is also known as a winter sports destination, and it is popular among tourists, which drives the demand and cost of housing higher. For example, according to the Swiss National Bank, Zermatt is the most popular destination among people who want to buy property in Switzerland. 

What influences the cost of a house in Zermatt?

The cost of a house in Zermatt depends on many factors. The property’s location in the city determines the cost of the house. The higher the demand for properties in a certain area, the higher the prices. Also, the type of property you want to buy determines the cost.

Can you rent a house in Zermatt?

The rent for a house in Zermatt is about $3000-3500, which is more expensive in comparison to other cities in Switzerland. For example, the average rent for a house in Zurich is $2,300, double the rent for the same house in Zurich. 

Things To Know before buying a house in Zermatt

If you are thinking about buying a house in Zermatt, here are some things you should consider before deciding:

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the property’s value. The price of the property will be a deciding factor for your investment. You have to consider both the current market value and the future price.
  • The next thing that you need to consider is the property’s location. You need to consider how easily you can commute to your workplace. If you work in the city and need to drive for at least 45 minutes every day, then you cannot afford to buy a property that is too far away from your place of work. You will spend a lot more time traveling than if you bought a house closer to your place of work. 
  • You also keep in mind the quality of the property. The property must have met the best construction standards in the market. You need to consider whether the property has been constructed well or not. If the property has not been constructed well, you may find it uninhabitable.
  • The last thing to keep in mind is the number of bedrooms.  You need to ensure that the property you are planning to purchase has enough space for you and your family to live comfortably. 


You have a basic idea of the cost of a house in Zermatt and the factors you should consider when purchasing property in Zermatt. The property market in Zermatt is different from that of other parts of Switzerland, and we have given you an overview of the main differences so you can decide before making any investment. It’s also important to keep in mind that the price of a home can fluctuate over time, and you need to factor that into your decision. If you can afford to put a little more money down, a home purchase may be a great way to start your property ownership journey. It is really important to do your research well before making any investment decisions.